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  1. He's leader of the groups F. CUSA SKRUNCH and NAKED MUSICIANS and of the film music project for the movies “Aurora”, “SOLOMOVIE plays Buster Keaton, “For a fistful of dollars”. Francesco Cusa is also co-leader of THE BODY HAMMER, SWITTERS, ALTOMARIA, I NEGRI .
  2. Jun 03,  · The Neo-Anabaptists should make their theological commitments as clear as their social commitments. Helping the poor is an important biblical concern, but without a manifest glorying in Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice and an equal concern for the eternal destinies of men and women, concern for the poor will devolve into political posturing.
  3. Anabaptism is a Christian theological tradition sometimes known as the radical wing of the Protestant Reformation. Developed during the 16th-century Protestant Reformation, Anabaptism contended that other Protestant movements (such as Lutheranism or Calvinism) were right in demanding reform of the Roman Catholic Church.
  4. Apr 28,  · The Anabaptists (or "re-baptizers") were one of several smaller groups in church history that endured unspeakable suffering to establish and maintain their witness. What influence did the Anabaptists have on modern Protestants? Learn more of the significance of the Anabaptist reform.
  5. Anabaptist Origins. The immediate issue creating the Anabaptist movement was not just baptism, however, but also civil government. (The two were related. To be baptized was a civil issue, and to.
  6. An·a·bap·tist (ăn′ə-băp′tĭst) n. An adherent of a Protestant religious movement that began in 16th-century Europe, viewing baptism solely as an external sign of a believer's conscious acceptance of faith, rejecting infant baptism, advocating the separation of church from state, and practicing simple living and the shunning of nonbelievers.
  7. The Anabaptist Association links people in Australia and New Zealand who share a passion for Jesus, community and reconciliation. The network finds inspiration from the life of Jesus, the earliest church and the convictions of the first Anabaptist communities to be peacemakers and people who dream about and work for a more compassionate world.
  8. Jan 04,  · Neo-Anabaptists and the Benedict Option. I am an Anabaptist, though not a member of a nonconformist separatist group such as the Amish or Old Order Mennonites, who live in their own geographic enclaves and communities and are recognizable by what they reject, such cars, stylish clothing, and modern media.

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